• Image of   Vintage Camo Jackets - LIMITED STOCK
  • Image of   Vintage Camo Jackets - LIMITED STOCK
  • Image of   Vintage Camo Jackets - LIMITED STOCK
  • Image of   Vintage Camo Jackets - LIMITED STOCK


We will not receive any more of these vintage camo jackets before the holiday - so get yours NOW!

Our new Camo vintage jackets!!

Every CAMO MILITARY JACKET is AUTHENTIC and is ONE OF A KIND so you'll never see anyone else wearing what you're wearing. Now that's RAD. Some still have military patches sewn on and you can, of course, add your own to make this an even more 70's inspired look/feel.

We are using Women's sizing (in the drop-down menu below) and we highly suggest that you wear them loose for that coveted "boyfriend" look or even tie them around your waist with the "It's Not About Pretty" saying showing - either way, you are sure to get some attention in this camo jacket.

We list our vintage sizes for a looser fit, but if you have your eye on something and are not quite sure of the fit - shoot us an email! (located in our "contact" section)

These are REAL Military items that have been used & loved so please know that any wear, and tear, etc. are all part of us using recycled/vintage products and are not imperfections - they are meant to be that way. All shirts have been laundered by us to ensure they are clean and soft.

These Vintage camo jackets also have our NEW LOGO on the on the inside of the collar - the rad GN4LW Skull - just like the flannels do.

Why did we create this motto?

We know everyone wants to look their best, but life isn't just about being pretty, it's about doing something - skate, surf, science, art - whatever you are into, get out there and DO it.

If you have any questions about one of the jackets you'd like to order, feel free to shoot us an email at cindy@girlisnota4letterword.com - we are happy to answer!

These are a LIMITED EDITION, so get yours fast, before they sell out.

Look in the drop down menu for the camo jacket number you see in pics that you want and click on it to order.

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